1. What are cookies and why do we use them?

Cookies are pieces of text stored by a website, application or ad that has appeared in your browser or on your device. Like most websites we use cookies to provide you with a better, faster and safer user experience. If you prefer to disable cookies, you can do so by changing the preferences in your Internet browser.

At Work 4 Natives we use cookies to identify the user and provide a better user experience on our website.

We also use cookies as: a security measure to avoid fraudulent activities and protect users; to identify the time users connect, in order to understand users’ preferences; and to better evaluate web performance and identify any bugs or errors.

The data collected is confidential and will not be shared with third parties. Cookies do not create spam, viruses, or spyware.

Websites use cookies to obtain statistical information in order to understand their users’ behaviour. Cookies are stored on your computer, but they are anonymous and do not track or store personal details.

For more information about cookies:

2. What kind of cookies do we use?

Per session: They expire when the user closes their browser.

Permanent: They expire when their purpose has been achieved, e.g. when the user has been identified on the website. These cookies can be deleted manually.

Cookies can also be classified as:

  • Analytical cookies:

Each time the user visits the website an external supplier (such as Google Analytics or others) will generate an analytical cookie. This cookie will identify the user anonymously. The purposes of these cookies are:

– To anonymously identify the user and therefore assess the amount of visitors and their trends.

– To anonymously identify the content that has been visited on a website.

– To know if the user is new or if it’s a returning visitor to the website.

Important: The cookie cannot be associated to any personal information that can identify the user, unless the user registers on the website and approves it. These cookies will only be used for statistic purposes and will help optimise the user experience. For more information, please refer to Google Analytics Privacy Policy.

3. How do I deactivate cookies in my browser?

Most browsers allow the user to choose to accept cookies and which ones to use. These adjustments can be found in the menu of the browser ‘Options’ or ‘Preferences’.

The instructions to configure the cookies:

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