Targeted and preselected international candidates that meet your recruitment needs.

Recruitment process made easy

Hire faster

Our time-saving solutions help your team to stay focused on the most important part - the final interview

Hire smarter

Receive only qualified candidates, thanks to our modern algorithms, chatbots and text message automation

Process optimisation

Forget about tedious recruitment procedures and adapt your hiring approach to the modern world


Only pay for the filtered and screened candidates that match your offers


We have an exclusive selection of international candidates. Thanks to our advanced algorithms and our committed team we can filter and screen our candidates just for you.

Tell us about your recruitment needs

We will find the best international talent to match your job offers

Our algorithms match candidates with your offers

We select the best candidates from our database of over 1 million expats

We sort and verify candidates for you

We will validate that the chosen candidates match the position and are ready to start working

Send validated leads directly to you

We will send candidates that are ready for a final interview and you will only be charged for successful candidates

Our candidates

  • Existing expats and people willing to relocate within Europe
  • Graduates between 20-35 years old
  • People who are looking for a job in their native language
  • 80% speak proficient English as a second language


Expats living in Poland

European candidates willing to relocate

Native polish who speak other EU languages

Expert hiring for the Polish market

  • 7 Years of experience helping to hire international candidates in Poland
  • Strong database of Europeans living in Poland or willing to relocate
  • More than 10,000 new possible applicants every month
  • Candidates with the most demanded languages in Europe


Pay only for matching candidates 

If you don't receive any leads, you don't have to pay.

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